Advanced Consultative Selling/sales 高级销售培训课程


The Simitri Advanced Consultative Selling Skills Workshop raises the overall sales
effectiveness of the participant. The workshop produces skilled and confident
professionals, whose understanding of clients’ needs ensures their objectives are
reached and appropriate actions are implemented in a timely manner.

The workshop raises the consultative selling skills of the participants and provides them
with new sales techniques to enhance his/her role in the organisation as a business

During the workshop, we also discuss the concept of becoming a “Trusted Advisor” and
specific steps the participants can take to create the foundation for this relationship with clients.

What are the benefits for the participants?
By completing this workshop, participants will:
Build rapport with a range of different positions within the client’s organisation
Create the right impression
Uncover needs by asking questions
Deliver a persuasive sales message that is relevant and value driven
Handle resistance in a professional and sincere manner

What topics are covered?
Trusted Advisor
Understanding Clients
Creating Positive Impressions
Questioning & Listening
Creating Value
Being Persuasive
Managing the Relationship
Managing Resistance

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Advanced Consultative Selling/sales 高级销售培训课程 费用参考:0元/天 (实际费用需再议)


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