Sales Perspective of Purchasing 从销售的角度看采购

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To give a unique perspective from the buying perspective
Provide approaches that are effective to get a win-win agreement
How to get the order?
Raise the level of awareness about buyer perceptions
Conduct in-class participation case studies for hands on experience
J. Kelley

Summary of Experience

President, Inter-Conn
Vice President, NSI
Vice President, Simmons
Director of Procurement, Covad Communications
Director of Materials, NEC
Director of Materials, Avis Industries
Director of Materials & Far East Procurement, TRW
Senior Advisor, Supply Chain, Unisys

Mr. Kelley has over 30 years of key leadership roles with multi-national companies. His responsibilities covered Sourcing, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Operations, Materials, Finance, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Logistics, Quality Assurance and Information Systems. International business experience spans nine countries in the Far East, five countries in Europe, as well as Mexico and Canada.

China experience
Leading . instructor in China
First . to actually work & live in China
Over 20 years working with Chinese suppliers
Managed Chinese Sourcing/Purchasing staff

Professional Attainment / Education Background
Lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager (.)
Certified Production and Inventory Manager (CPIM).
President of a NAPM Chapter
Vice President of an APICS Chapter
Founder/President of IPMA-Taipei
Bachelor of Science degree in Business
participated in over 25 accredited professional/international business courses

His accomplishments are recognized in national publications. He has taught professional development courses while affiliated with the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM), the American Production Inventory Control Society (APICS) and the University of Virginia. He is recognized as a subject matter expert in eProcurement and multi-cultural business transactions. His commentaries have been highlighted in Fortune 200 company articles..

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上海  2012年12月14日  3800元/人
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